Allison Van Thiel's Wishlist

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CoffeeFlavored beans or ground coffee. I like hazelnut. 1
Dish Set 1
Handle holders 2
Money To put toward a down comforter. 1
Gift CardsFor Target, Eddie Bauer, or Macy's. 1
Christmas pillow coversChristmas-themed pillow covers size 18 inches. Set of 4 to 6. Like this: pillow covers 18x18 prime4
Thick socks for winterNot picky about color - gray, blue, black are fine. To wear with my fashion boots, so thick and cushy is ok, just not ridiculously thick. Columbia brand is nice.1
Fashion boot socksTall socks to wear under fashion boots. Gray, black, or cream. Medium weight, not super thin or thick. Like these:

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