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Hollow-body electric guitarKind of like the one Buck Owens used to play. Silvertone hollow-body or something like that. Vintage is better than new, but news is okay. I should probably help pick it out unless you find someone who knows vintage guitars.1
La-Z-Boy ReclinerBig man size. Something like the Astor Reclina-RockerŪ Recliner. While I'm dreaming, get spendy and get leather.
Seiko 5 Watch and StrapWatch:
Bluetooth Adapter for a Stereo
Digital to Analog Audio Converter with Digital Optical Toslink Inputs and AUX 3.5mm (Headphone) Outputs
Mortar & Pestle for Cooking No preferences.1
Kreg Jig Kit - $100 jig&dpPl=1&dpID=41AtFHMI2aL&ref=plSrch1
Camp Chef SmokePro Deluxe Pellet Smoker - $500 Or Amazon:
Wood burning tool - $27 1
Heat Gun - $25This one gets good reviews and is relatively inexpensive. 1
Card Shuffler - $17
Medium-quality bourbonBrands like Woodford Reserve, Knob Creek, Bulleit, Evan Williams Single Barrel (single barrel, specifically). Other brands can be good, too.1
High-end BourbonPretty much anything on this list, but especially Baker's:
BeerWinter: dark beers, porters especially (Samuel Smith makes an excellent porter and an oatmeal stout); Summer: pale ales, pilsners, etc.; Fall: Octoberfests, of course! (Point brewery makes a great one).32767
Red WineShiraz, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon; or a ruby port.1

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