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Patch Sewing for Y-Guides VestsI have stacks and stacks of patches that I've never sewed onto my, or my girl's, Y-Guides vests. I need some assistance getting them all sewn on. I can work with someone on getting them all in the right order, but the sewing takes me forever and I'll never finish!3
Spektrum AR620 6-Channel RC Sport ReceiverReceiver1
Balaclava For Fat HeadsI have a large head. Circumference is 22.75 inches1
Tune Up for my Road BikeIt's hanging in the garage, waiting for love...1
Bluetooth Stereo AdapterSo I can plug some nice speakers into a receiver and then stream music to the receiver.1
Heifer International Gift
AC/DC 3S4S Li-Po balance charger (required) 1
American Diabetes Association DonationIn your name, my name, doesn't matter as long as they get the cash!1
Cool Men's ApronFor keeping the bacon grease off me when I'm slinging breakfast in the kitchen. Nothing boring. Super Cool or super geeky. Bonus points if both!1
Clear Locks for practicing lock pickingAmazon has various individual locks and sets of locks.1
Lock PicksA set of basic lock picks1

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